Friday, May 22, 2009

Update on Silent Art Auction

Hi Everyone..
I have decided to wait until June 12th to hold the weekend auction for two reasons..
One it is a long weekend with many being away from the computer and also I am sad to say there has been a lack of Artist Donations..
I know we are all busy, If you cant find the time to host the auction on your site or blog, I will be more then happy to host your art piece with mine..
Also you can help by posting on your blog and linking it back here for those to read the story and donate.

For those of you who have been very helpful, you are very inspiring to me not to give-up.
Thank You so Much for your kind hearts..

I really think if we all ban together for one weekend we can make a big change for this Little Angel and for other Children that suffer from Cancer..

Again Thanks for your Support..

Please send up a prayer for Alexis Grace...
Here is a Video link Jill (Alexis) mom had posted on her Prayer Site..


1) Silent Art Auction the weekend of June 12th.
2) A piece of Artwork to be donated from the Artist.
3) The artist can host their piece of art on their site/blog to be auction, or I can put their piece of art on my site with mine. If so, I need all their info. so I can link the donation back to them, I also need a Photo of the donation along with the info. on the art piece.
4) All bids will be emailed to the person hosting the art piece.
5) Sunday Night the highest bidder on that piece of art will be emailed for payment and shipping info.
6) The artisit donating the art piece will be responsiable for collecting the payment, shipping the piece of art, and sending the check/money order to Jill (Alexis Mom). All checks will be made payable to the Children Hospital (Seattle Children)
7) The shipping for the item can be handled 2 ways, The artist that donated the art can pay for the shipping if they can afford to, or the shipping can be added to the total of the bid.(Buyer must be told they are paying for shipping in the info. provided for the art piece).
8) If someone would like to send in a cash donation they can email me ( for the mailing info. I am trying to be careful not to make the mailing address to public. Again checks are made payable to the Childrens Hospital.
9) post this link to Alexis, so they can read her story.

God Bless...

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  1. Tammy thank you for posting Maithri and Tessa's sites.

    I am so glad to hear that, but I think that you should just see the other doctor as well or at least ask the doctor you saw what she bases that opinion on?

    I am really happy to hear that though.

    Hope you are all doing well.

    Love Renee xoxoxo