Thursday, February 4, 2010

Meet Jacey

Wow, Technology today is amazing.

Here is a photo of my Grandbaby (Jacey Lynn) weighing in at 14 oz at 20 weeks.

This is so great to see her little ears, and face..

She is so SWEET..He~~He~~.

I am so excited, what a lucky and Blessed little girl she is..

She has many Grandparents, and a excited and loving Mother and Father to love and spoil her..

Many Hugs..


It's In!!!!

The Awesome Group I belong to, Cloth and Clay directed and created by Jane has made the big time..He~~He~~~

We made the group submission in ADQ Magazine the Spring Issue.
Mine is Rose, in the middle on the right with the dress surrounded by the other wonderful dolls.

Thanks Jane for all your hard work.

If you would like to join this Great Group of Awesome Creative Woman and Men click on the photo.

I am still in the process of getting my web site up, I have many new Items to post.

As time allows, I will post pics.

Have a Great Weekend!!

Many Hugs!!


Thursday, January 28, 2010


I am soon to be a Grandmother of a Little Girl..
June 12th I will meet my Little Jacee Lynn Marie.
My Daughter Crystal is soooo excited to be a first time mom.

Now I can stop making Green and Yellow booties, hats, sweaters and blanket..He He..
Now off to buy some PINK yarn, of course I have totes of yarn, but very little pink, lots of Blue..

Well hope everyone is well....

It sure is Winter here in Great Upstate today, Very cold and white-outs here in Gods country...
Fought my way home today, but on a good note, just a little longer and SPRING.....

Happy Blogging to all!!!
Many Cyber Hugs!!