Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Hi Everyone!!

Well, it has been along time since I have wrote a post...

SORRY!!! I have been missing in ACTION!!

Busy with CHRISTmas and Family, and Work has been very crazy.

My Hubby had a mini Stroke, and another Heart Operation, finally he is doing great..Thank GOD!!!!

Well, any hoot I am back...

I see I have afew new Followers..WELCOME.

I will post some fun photo's in the next few day's of CHRISTmas time...

I have adopted apoor little mini Pom, that spent the year in a half of her little life in a cat crate.

She is just starting to come around after 2 weeks.

So afraid of everything, never had people around and other pet's to play with.

I will post some photo's of little MIA also...

They shaved all her fur, due to being covered with flee's...Well anyway she is doing well now..

We LOVE her, and she is starting to fit in with the other;s.

I am working on new fun stuff, I have been very creative in the last few weeks, I will share soon.

I be back soon, Hope everyone had a BLESSED and WONDERFUl CHRISTmas, and may you all have a BLESSED and WONDERFUL New Year.

Many Hugs and Happy Creating!