Friday, August 28, 2009

Cart Before the Horse Giveaway

You really do not want to miss out on this one.

Jo and Dillan do a Wonderful Job on thier creations..

I always admire all of the art creations from these two..

They are now having a 200 Post celebration with a giveaway for this great Doll or 5 Cheater Quilt Patterns..

Stop by and say hello, and check out all of the Wonderful Creations..




Monday, August 17, 2009

My WONDERFUL Swap doll from my swap partner and My Upcycle Cloth and Clay Doll Group Submission!!

Creamora Container

Below Secret Treasure Box
Cloth and Clay Doll group is a Group of very talented Doll maker's directed by Jane, Over at Gritty Jane's art Studio.
Jane has done an amazing job teaching all of us to make these wonderful dolls, and now we are doing a Group Submission for a Upcycle Theme into a Doll Magizine.
Not sure how much I am suppose to share, but I will share some photos, and this link to join this awesome group.
My Doll (Victorian Rose started out as a Creamora Container, old Curtains, scraps found at Tag Sales, old jewerly,and of course lots of Clay.
She even has a Secret Treasure box, that now contains a Cross.
It was so much fun to take junk and make Victorian Rose..

Here is my Wonderful Swap Doll I rec. in todays mail from my Swap Partner Traci..
She did an amazing job with her, I love the skating theme.

I was once a wonderful skater, until I got old and out of shape..he, he...

Thanks Traci. I Love her...

Below is Queen Nefertiti, that I made for Traci...
Hope you enjoy!
Many Hugs...


Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Very Sweet Message from Alexis, and Austin to all the Donors.

God Bless Them Both...

They are so sweet together, Thanks Jill for sharing this video with us.



Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"Don't send a man to the grocery store"

Jeanne Robertson has it dead to right!!
Very Funny..
What we would do without Husband's, certainly not laugh as much!!
Hugs and Enjoy. grab a tissue.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Blog Award

This Sweet Award was given to me by Cathy at Reflections of a Ramblin' Girl, if you have never visited Cathy's blog treat yourself.
She is very talented, and has a great imagination for creating, she creates many pieces of art for charities.
She also took the time to add sweet comments about her 5 Blog choices, so I will do the same.
It is always so tough to choose a few Blogs, since I enjoy you all.
But, here it goes.
First-Renee at Circling My Head, Renee is a Wonderful Soul, who is going through a really tough time battling for her life agaisnt Stage 4 Breast Cancer, and recently her Sister, and Nephew have also been diagnosed with cancer.
Please stop by and show Renee some support, and lift a prayer up for her and her family as they battle through this horrible disease.
Second-Brandi at October Lee, Brandi is a very thoughtful, sweet and talented lady.
Her blog is always fun.
Third- Cindy at Vagabond Artistry, Cindy makes the coolest owls with such expressions, if you have never stopped in to say hello, do so she is a very sweet. and talented Lady.
Forth-Kelly at Thom's Daughter, Kelly is a sweet and talented lady who makes neat different art pieces, and she has a big heart.
Fifth-Charmine at My Favorites, Charmine Blog is always so much fun to visit, she takes the time to take awesome photos around India and shares them with us all.
She is a very sweet, and kind Lady.
Well those are my five, I Love you all, and enjoy all of you.
God Bless, and please remember to send up a prayer for Renee, and her family.
Many Hugs