Sunday, April 26, 2009

My Miracle Rose Bud

Hi There,

Wanted to share this story and a little video..

It may be a little boring at first, I do not video tape much and should have talked through it (next time)..

If you watch you will see these hours old babies tumble, and try to play already.

Ma is vocal through-out calling them in for feeding time..

I love Mother Nature and what she and the good lord create..

For those of you who do not know, I have a Pig Farm (No not all of them go to the dinner table) we raise many through out the spring...Some go for Food, Never on my table, and others go to be raised.

Rosie and others will live here on the farm for the rest of their days!!!

Well, we had a Mother Pig that was many years older then the farmer we bought her from let us know. When our farm vet came to try to save her, we were then told she was old , we felt so bad, but did not know she was that old. My Hubby had a few words with that farmer who sold her to us...

Well our vet was not able to save her and she died when her Litter of 12 was only 2 weeks.

We had to hand raise a few of them, One being Rose Bud.

Rose Bud was the smallest of the bunch weighing in at 1lb 2 oz, and very weak.

So Rose Bud came into our home and was Diapered for a while, then litter trained until she was 2 months and went back to the barn bigger and stronger then her Brothers and Sisters. (All the others Made it through)

Until Rose Bud was 5 months she was sucking the air, It looked so funny her lips puckered like she was blowing kisses, till this day if I put my cheek down she will lick me..

I call her Kisses!!!!

She was a miracle, my hubby first had to give her mouth to mouth at birth, then place her to the nipple, and then she had to be bottle fed, and cuddled to grow..

Well Today my little Rose Bud gave birth to all healthly playful Piglets..

Her first litter a whopping 9, She was the smallest baby who we thought would never make it and now with her first litter she has become the Pig to produce the most her first time..

Also her babies were born bigger then she was at 2 weeks...She is my girl...LOL..

Never lost a one, and all are very healthly..

So I am a Proud Grandma today, and here is a little video I wanted to share of my Rose Bud in full Bloom!!!

Sorry for the coughing attack at the end.. I still am trying to find out how to edit videos, all new to me..LOL..

I will ask my Computer Guy in the morning..




  1. Hi Tammy, thanks for your compliment! BTW, I have been here before I have you bookmarked!

  2. What precious piggies! I can see why you love them so much.

  3. Grandma Tammy how adorable.

    Rose bud is a brave pig.

    Glad to hear you talked to the doctor, but make sure it doesn't slide. Also, you want to know what it is?


  4. Tammy please remember if it doesn't grow and stays the same, you still want to know why it is like that. Right...


  5. Tammy What a great story :) Thanks